Jan Desmet

“I’m living proof that you can grow in this company. Every day is full of opportunities. Everyone can make the choices that allow them to be happy. It’s hard work. Sometimes you have setbacks. You have to get over them. And It’s important to celebrate the successes. I myself am glad when I see people grow and blossom out. I work every day to make things as pleasant as possible for everyone at Ingenium, so that people can do what they love to do and also make their own dreams come true.”


“For me the godparents and project coaches that are assigned to new recruits are super important. When I started here, in a warm nest of 20 colleagues, I quickly found my place. For an employee starting at Ingenium today in a large house with more than 90 residents, it’s a completely different story. It’s not always easy to knock on the right door. It’s therefore crucial to have the support of people who can guide you through the organization.”