At Ingenium Group you are never alone. At various times and in different ways, we provide the right framework and guidance to help you grow both professionally and personally.


coach & godfather/godmother

When starting in a new job, it is useful to be able to quickly find your way round the new company’s practical and often informal agreements and habits. Your godparent or godmother is there to help with those sometimes simple but so important questions. For questions concerning your work content there are two types of coaches. The growth coach is an experienced colleague who accompanies an employee who is new to the company or taking on a different role within the organization. Also, for each project, a project coach is appointed to offer permanent accompaniment and provide project-related knowledge and technical information.


development interviews

At Ingenium Group, enthusiasm, ambition and passion carry much more weight than having the right diploma or previous work experience. The direction you want to go is largely up to you. We therefore attach great importance to regular and mutual feedback, and we take it seriously. This is the only way we stay on each other's wavelength and you grow with us. We provide a development interview every year, plus, in the first year, evolution interviews after 1, 3 and 6 months.

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Knowledge is crucial in our three companies. Keeping up and even getting ahead every time is an ingrained habit. For this reason we provide a wide range of internal and external training courses, for both technical and soft skills.


growth opportunities

At Ingenium Group, there are no fixed career paths based on hierarchy, seniority or what degree you have. How you carry out and evolve your job depends largely on you. Do you want to dive deep and become an expert in your field, or are you more of a generalist who maintains a broad overview? Are you a valued team-worker or do you also want to develop your leadership talent? Perhaps your mission is to tap into new markets and expertise for Ingenium Group? Everything is discussable. We are happy to work with you to find the role that fits you exactly.


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