Our employees are extraordinary in various areas. We’re bitten by sustainability not only in our jobs. We also work daily on sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders and, of course, with our colleagues. At Ingenium Group we address each other by first names, we listen to each other, we respect everyone's opinion, and we spontaneously make time to help each other where necessary. And yes, we work hard (very hard if we have to), but the fun is never far away! 

As a newcomer, it’s valuable to have a godfather or godmother, someone to whom you can put all your questions and who also spontaneously asks if everything is clear.
Joke Decubber - Project engineer

“I was looking for a consultancy that focuses on sustainability, and I found it here. But Ingenium also strives for long-term relationships with its customers and a sustainable future as a company. That makes a big difference for an employee as compared with companies focused only on hard sales and quick profit.”

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“At Ingenium we don't just work on 'a' building. These are really cool projects. When I speak to friends or family about cable ducts or transformers, it means little to them.” (laughs) “But if I can tell them I‘m working on projects at the Brussels Conservatory or the Ghent Fire Station, it certainly speaks to their imagination.”

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For me it's special that everyone finds their own way to do things.
Jonathan Stevens - Project engineer
It gives me energy to be able to participate in projects that also prove useful in society.
Stijn Van Den Hende - Project officer

“What I like about my job is that I master certain tasks well and do them very efficiently because I've been at them for so long. But I’m also open to new tasks and challenges, because then you stay 'fresh'. What gives me even more satisfaction is teamwork: interacting with colleagues and completing an assignment together.”

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"TTAS stands for Theatre Technologies Advice and Study. That last word is very important, because we do more than just give advice. We stay on board until delivery, until everything is ready for the first performance."

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The cross-pollination of TTAS’s expertise and that of Ingenium is exceptionally fascinating for me.
Pieter De Kimpe & Marc Lambert (TTAS) - Gerrit Walckiers (ingenium)
I’m living proof that you can grow in this company.
Jan Desmet - COO

"Every day is full of opportunities. Everyone can make the choices that allow them to be happy. It’s hard work. Sometimes you have setbacks. You have to get over them. And It’s important to celebrate the successes. I myself am glad when I see people grow and blossom out. I work every day to make things as pleasant as possible for everyone at Ingenium, so that people can do what they love to do and also make their own dreams come true.”

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