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Ingenium Group is unique, because of a combination of factors, each of them valuable in itself. They are the common thread in our sustainable collaboration with clients, construction partners and employees.

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Our employees are extraordinary in many areas, but the term ‘extraordinary’ certainly applies to the projects they participate in. 'Copy-paste engineering and advice' is not for us. We like to sink our teeth into complex projects that challenge us to reinvent ourselves over and over again and give the best of ourselves. And we are equally as happy to take our clients outside their comfort zones, already providing answers to questions that they would otherwise only ask themselves at a later date.

extraordinary employees
(and projects)

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Life-cycle engineers

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Sustainability is the D in the DNA of Ingenium Group. We are possessed by and passionate about it. Not because we want to surf the hype, but because we have long been convinced of it, working towards a sustainable planet that also offers a bright future for our future generations. We ignore short-term solutions and patchwork and focus fully on the entire life cycle of a building or site. We are transparent about the cost of sustainable technologies, with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which, in addition to the initial investment, also factors in the operating costs for the coming decades.

As pioneers in sustainability, innovation is as natural to us as breathing, eating and drinking. At home and abroad, we keep our finger on the pulse, to discover innovative technologies and applications, to make them even better by adding our own expertise, and to formulate them as answers to our customers’ questions and needs. In the same way, we are fully committed to digital tools that render our own work processes more efficient, making maximum use of digitization, artificial intelligence and machine learning to fine-tune building techniques and to monitor and adjust better (and remotely), with a view to maximum comfort and minimum energy costs.

Innovation as a way of life


people work


Despite its long history of strong growth, Ingenium Group remains clearly a family business. No short-term policy with quick profits and an immense workload, but a well-considered long-term vision and permanent attention to sustainable relationships with all stakeholders and employees. Engineering is people work, which is why we devote a lot of time and resources to make every employee feel good about himself or herself. With a tailor-made approach – and two at-home working days for everyone – we ensure a good balance between working time and other life areas. And should you face with difficult moments in your personal or family life, we will not leave you out in the cold, but we will look for a solution together. And yes, it may seem like a detail, but here we address everyone by their first name, from cleaning lady to CEO.

Employees with a sense of entrepreneurship are the driving force of our companies. We encourage them to develop self-leadership, to model their own jobs in line with their interests and passions, and to take responsibility for further shaping and growing Ingenium Group together with their colleagues. Self-managing teams ensure a flat hierarchy with short decision lines and a division of roles tailored to each employee.

Intra- en entrepreneurs


knowledge retention


At Ingenium Group, we are happy to invent hot water when it comes to real innovations, but we avoid having to reheat that water every time. Our more than fifty years of accumulated knowledge and expertise are not stored just in the heads of individual employees. They are 'secured' in a structured, efficient way throughout the organization, making them easy to consult and re-use again and again by new employees and for new projects and applications. In this way we ensure the continuity and permanent growth of our expertise.

our values

We respect

We Respect

We inspire

We Inspire

We share

We Share

We excel

We Excel

In all our activities we show respect for each other as human beings.

We provide independent advice and are reliable partners.

We show respect for society and the natural environment in which we live.

We inspire our clients and partners by developing ground-breaking ideas.

We seek inspiring examples.

We allow all talents in the company to be themselves and develop at their own pace and desired directions.

We believe that only by having a very open attitude can we move forward.

We learn from each other and believe that co-creation offers opportunities to perform better.

We share our knowledge with organizations that also want to improve the world in their own way.

We undertake exceptional projects with exceptional people.

We are inquisitive and open to change.

'Work hard, play hard' is our motto, we also excel in relaxing.

What our employees say

As a newcomer, it’s valuable to have a godfather or godmother, someone to whom you can put all your questions and who also spontaneously asks if everything is clear.
Joke Decubber - Project engineer

“I was looking for a consultancy that focuses on sustainability, and I found it here. But Ingenium also strives for long-term relationships with its customers and a sustainable future as a company. That makes a big difference for an employee as compared with companies focused only on hard sales and quick profit.”

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"Even though we’re getting bigger, you always sense that family atmosphere. You never feel like a number here. You’re a colleague with a first name. And like that you quickly feel at ease here.”

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There’s a good vibe at Ingenium, which has a lot to do with the enormous enthusiasm of CEO Nicolas Vyncke.
Mark Verbeek - Site supervisor

"Why would I recommend a job at Ingenium? For the positive atmosphere, the collegiality and the opportunities you get here to develop yourself. And of course also for the great projects, which you see grow from design to completion."

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They always want you to get the best out of yourself.
Virginie Vanhercke - BIM modeller

"TTAS stands for Theatre Technologies Advice and Study. That last word is very important, because we do more than just give advice. We stay on board until delivery, until everything is ready for the first performance."

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The cross-pollination of TTAS’s expertise and that of Ingenium is exceptionally fascinating for me.
Pieter De Kimpe & Marc Lambert (TTAS) - Gerrit Walckiers (ingenium)
I wanted to work here because it is a company that looks towards the future.
Ammar Salah - Project engineer

"When I started here 3 years ago, about 80 people worked here. Now there are about 100, but it remains like a small family. We're strongly connected."

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“At Ingenium we don't just work on 'a' building. These are really cool projects. When I speak to friends or family about cable ducts or transformers, it means little to them.” (laughs) “But if I can tell them I‘m working on projects at the Brussels Conservatory or the Ghent Fire Station, it certainly speaks to their imagination.”

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For me it's special that everyone finds their own way to do things.
Jonathan Stevens - Project engineer
I’m living proof that you can grow in this company.
Jan Desmet - COO

"Every day is full of opportunities. Everyone can make the choices that allow them to be happy. It’s hard work. Sometimes you have setbacks. You have to get over them. And It’s important to celebrate the successes. I myself am glad when I see people grow and blossom out. I work every day to make things as pleasant as possible for everyone at Ingenium, so that people can do what they love to do and also make their own dreams come true.”

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It gives me energy to be able to participate in projects that also prove useful in society.
Stijn Van Den Hende - Project officer

“What I like about my job is that I master certain tasks well and do them very efficiently because I've been at them for so long. But I’m also open to new tasks and challenges, because then you stay 'fresh'. What gives me even more satisfaction is teamwork: interacting with colleagues and completing an assignment together.”

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