Ammar Salah

"In 2011 I came to Belgium. I completed my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in Iraq with a master's specialisation in renewable energy. Ingeniumpromised me a job as soon as I graduated. And so it happened: on 30 June I passed my exams and on 4 July I started here. I wanted to work here because it is a company that looks towards the future. Working on sustainability and renewable energy... that keeps evolving, both in theory and in practice. 


Every company has its own methods and work instructions. So in the beginning, it's important to find your way. I could always rely on my coach. Even though I asked a lot of questions, he was always friendly and gave me the answers to my questions. When I started here 3 years ago, about 80 people worked here. Now there are about 100, but it remains like a small family. We're strongly connected."