Joke Decubber

“I’ve been working at Ingenium since 2015. I started as a project engineer for wet technologies, where I’m still today. I design the heating, cooling and ventilation of a building, from putting together a sustainable concept that matches the client's budget through to calculating the smallest details of the installation. I also coordinate with the client and the architect. In the meantime, I’ve also become a project manager, acting externally as the sounding board for the client, architect and structural engineer, and internally for colleagues participating in the project.”


“As a newcomer, it’s valuable to have a godfather or godmother, someone to whom you can put all your questions and who also spontaneously asks if everything is clear. I learned a lot from the coach who supported me substantively and at project level. It’s still the person I go to when I have questions. That way you quickly become familiar with things at Ingenium.”

“As an employer, Ingenium really looks at where you want to grow in your job, and which training courses, coaching and sounding boards can help you with that. There’s lots of support for trying things out, and you’re allowed to fail, as long as you learn something from it.”

“I work from the office in Leuven and am fortunate that Ingenium has many special project customers here. Participating in the renovation of Leuven's historic city hall and the restoration of Park Abbey is really cool. As is designing technologies for the KULeuven laboratories or a hospital outpatient clinic, or being involved in renovations at the Gasthuisberg University Hospital.”

“The atmosphere here is excellent. This is my first job, but I’ve often heard from colleagues who have already worked elsewhere or who move from here to another job that Ingenium has a very good atmosphere. Colleagues here are not under constant stress, which is important when you spend so many hours in the office and work closely together.”

“What do I like about my job? Various things. Like when a difficult calculation job suddenly turns out right, or you find something to solve a problem and make the architect happy. And of course it’s great to see the end result of a project.”

“My working day looks different every time. Sometimes I’m in meetings the whole day. On other days there are no meetings but colleagues call me with questions, and at times I spend a whole day focused on one calculation. I really like that variation, together with the wide variety of projects.”

“I was looking for a consultancy that focuses on sustainability, and I found it here. But Ingenium also strives for long-term relationships with its customers and a sustainable future as a company. That makes a big difference for an employee as compared with companies focused only on hard sales and quick profit.”