Jonathan Stevens

“I started here in October 2017. I got to know Ingenium at a job fair. I saw the many beautiful projects on the website. Moreover, an old classmate who already worked here told me only positive things. What particularly appealed to me, however, was the sustainable focus. I’m very interested in green energy myself and try to integrate sustainability in my daily life. Like I don’t run a car and am fortunate to be able to live within cycling distance of work, family and friends. It is very motivating that the colleagues have this sustainable mentality, which is really part of the internal working of Ingenium.”


“I started as an electricity project engineer, matching my training as an industrial engineer in electrical engineering. In the meantime, my job is gradually evolving into that of project manager: following up a project internally and being the point of contact for the architect and the client. I myself had indicated both that I wanted to take more responsibility and that I enjoyed the social aspect – the contact with the customer.

I find this role very interesting, because I’m keen to build up a broad knowledge base. Now, in addition to electricity, I am also learning about ventilation, heating, plumbing, EPB, etc. Fortunately, I can count on the help of a team of fellow specialists for every project, for which I’m hugely grateful. It’s exciting to learn from them and to look for the best solution with them and with the architect. I really like the way I’m developing.”

“For me it's special that everyone finds their own way to do things. You’re not in a fixed box defined by your job title, every hour of the day. You can be given additional tasks and responsibilities based on your interests. You may be interested in battery storage systems. Then, in consultation with HR, it’s possible to take training courses and become a specialist. I also had the opportunity to monitor the implementation of a construction site for which I had designed the electricity part. It’s very interesting to collect direct feedback from practice on the theoretical design.”

“At Ingenium we don't just work on 'a' building. These are really cool projects. When I speak to friends or family about cable ducts or transformers, it means little to them.” (laughs) “But if I can tell them I‘m working on projects at the Brussels Conservatory or the Ghent Fire Station, it certainly speaks to their imagination.”

“For me it’s interesting and practical that you can do your job at Ingenium very flexibly within a certain framework. You choose when you start in the morning and when you take your lunch break, and even which of the 4 offices you want to go to that day. Want to go straight home after a meeting or a site visit to continue working there? That too is possible. It’s great that there’s such a focus on alternative mobility. The choice is large: bicycles, train tickets, bus passes, electric scooters, Cambio, the Ghent BattMobiel, etc. Everything for a smooth connection with as few traffic jams as possible!”